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Squibnocket Partners is the outgrowth of decades of writing, editing, business, and publishing experience, a unique friendship between families, and many summers spent walking on Martha’s Vineyard’s Squibnocket beach, holding long conversations about books, ideas, projects, and new business.

We created a formal partnership, Squibnocket Partners LLC, in 2003 as the culmination of a theme common to those seaside discussions: how to develop and publish a wide range of diverse content on subjects interesting to us in an intriguing, accessible, and time efficient way.

Our worldwide bestseller, Secrets of the Code, originated on that beach in August 2003, sparked by Dan’s idea to create a special reader’s guide to The Da Vinci Code. We developed the proposal and found enthusiastic backing from CDS Books—who enabled us to go from contract to bookstores in 90 days. Soon we found Secrets of the Code on the New York Times bestseller list, appearing in 23 foreign editions, and on seven international bestseller lists. We also immediately plunged into our second “Secrets” book, Secrets of Angels & Demons, based on Dan Brown’s earlier mega-seller. This book, too, reached the bestseller lists and numerous international markets.

Subsequently, Squibnocket has created three additional titles in the “Secrets” series: Secrets of Angels and Demons, Secrets of the Widow’s Son, a unique prequel to Dan Brown’s next book, and, now, Secrets of Mary Magdalene.

Since our founding, there are over three million copies of these titles in print worldwide. Our content has been the basis for two stand-alone special Collector’s Editions of US News & World Report, two direct-to-home DVD’s, and the feature documentary, Secrets of the Code.

There will be more “Secrets” books to come. At the same time we are working toward another goal: to develop a series on culture, science, and technology in a leading-edge format that is intriguing, accessible, and timely. Our first effort was The Best Things Ever Said About the Rise, Fall, and Future of the Internet Economy (Squibnocket Press, 2004) and our second book, Blog! How the Newest Media Revolution is Changing Politics, Business, and Culture, was published by CDS Books in October 2005. Details and a Blog based on this latest book are available at BlogRevolt.com

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