The Secrets Series

Secrets of The Lost Symbol
The Unauthorized Guide to the Mysteries Behind "The Da Vinci Code" Sequel
Dan Burstein and Arne de Keijzer


Chapter 1: Intellectual Alchemy

Exploring the Complex Cosmos of The Lost Symbol by Dan Burstein

Chapter 2: History, Mystery, and Masons

Dan Brown's Freemansonry by Arturo de Hoyos

A Mason Reveals His "Journey to Light" by Mark Koltko-Rivera

Defining Freemasonry by Mark A. Tabbert

Albert Pike: The Ghost in The Lost Symbol Machine? by Warren Getler, author, Rebel Gold

Mozart and Ellington, Tolstoy and Kipling, Will and Roy Rogers: Inside the Brotherhood of Famous Masons by David D. Burstein

Searching for Masons in the Corridors of Power by Eamon Javers

Chapter 3: Secret Knowledge

The Ancient Mysteries and The Lost Symbol by Glenn W. Erickson

A Quick Guide to the Philosophers of The Lost Symbol by Glenn W. Erickson

Secret Knowledge: Hiding in Plain Sight in the Infinite Universe an interview with Ingrid Rowland

Isaac Newton: Physics, Alchemy, and the ... "Mind of God" an interview with Thomas Levenson

Chapter 4: Science, Faith, and the Birth of a Nation

From the Ground Up: Kindred Spirits Invent the Modern World an interview with Steven Johnson

Franklin, Freemasonry, and American Destiny an interview with Jack Fruchtman Jr.

Masons, Skulls, and Secret Chambers: The Postrevolutionary Fraternity by Steven C. Bullock

Finding Himself in The Lost Symbol by James Wasserman

Occult America an interview with Mitch Horowitz

Chapter 5: Man Meets God, and God Meets Man

What's Been Lost and What Needs to Be Found in Our Times a dialogue with Rabbi Irwin Kula

Dan Brown's Religion: Is It Me or We? an interview with Deirdre Good

Science and Religion Face the Beyond by Marcelo Gleiser

And Never the Twain Shall Meet? by Karen Armstrong by Richard Dawkins

Science Requires That You Step Outside the Mental Cocoon an interview with George Johnson

Chapter 6: Ye Are New Age Gods

The Energy That Connects the Universe an interview with Lynne McTaggart

Noetics: The Link Between Modern Science and Ancient Mysticism? by Lou Aronica

On Becoming a Character in a Dan Brown Novel by Marilyn Mandela Schlitz

Bending Minds, Not Spoons an interview with William Arntz

"Ye Are Gods" by the Editors

Chapter 7: Mystery City on the Hill

A Masonic Pilgrimage to Washington, D.C., by David A. Shugarts

The Lost Smithsonian an interview with Heather Ewing

Danger in the Wet Pod: Fact and Fiction about the Smithsonian by Lou Aronica

Hiding Out in Jefferson's Palace of the Book: Why Robert Langdon's Adventure

Takes Him Inside the Library of Congress by Lou Aronica

What Does The Lost Symbol Get Wrong About Washington? Everything! by David Plotz

Chapter 8: Into the Kryptic . . . Art, Symbols, and Codes

The Clues Hidden in Circles and Squares: The Art and Symbology of The Lost Symbol by Diane Apostolos-Capadonna

Venus, the Three Graces, and a Portal to a Divine World a dialogue with Michael Parkes

Art, Encryption, and the Preservation of Secrets an interview with James Sanborn

The Summer of the Clues by David A. Shugarts

William Wirt's Skull, Albrecht Dürer's Magic Square: The Doubleday Clues and The Lost Symbol by Mark E. Koltko-Rivera

"I Am Nola Kaye" by Elonka Dunin

Chapter 9: Divining Dan Brown

The Pursuit of Dan Brown: From Secrets of the Widow's Son to The Lost Symbol by David A. Shugarts

Caught Between Dan Brown and Umberto Eco: Mysteries of Science and Religion, Secret Societies, and the Battle for Priority Over New Literary Genres by Amir D. Aczel

Chapter 10: Brownian Logic

Not All Is Hope: Reading the Novel's Dark Side by Michael Barkun

The Politics of The Lost Symbol by Paul Berger

Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power an interview with Jeff Sharlet, author of The Family

Geography, Holography, Anatomy: Plot Flaws in The Lost Symbol by David A. Shugarts

Dan Brown's Great Work: An Exercise in Maybe Logic by Ron Hogan

The Critics Speak - Loudly by Hannah de Keijzer

What's Up with That . . . ? by the Editors