The Secrets Series
Secrets of the Code

Secrets of the Code is a sweeping tour, guided by world-renowned experts, through the provocative ideas raised in the bestselling novel and block buster film. This new and updated paperback edition features exciting new material, including . . . .(read more)

Inside Angels and Demons

Explore the Vatican’s darkest secrets …. Enter the closed chambers of the papal selection process …. Probe the little-known historical mysteries of Rome and the symbolism of Bernini’s architecture and sculpture …. Join the debate between religion and science that has been raging since the Catholic Church tried to silence Galileo .… Discover the truth about the Illuminati…. . . . (read more)

Secrets of Mary Magdalene

Continuing in the tradition of the blockbusting New York Times bestseller Secrets of the Code, the latest book from the “Secrets” team, Secrets of Mary Magdalene: The Unfolding Story of History’s Most Misunderstood Woman, brings together world class experts such as Elaine Pagels, Susan Haskins, Margaret Starbird, and . . . . . (read more)


Secrets of the Widow's Son

Secrets of the Widow’s Son, is an unprecedented book concept: Relying on extensive investigative reporting and intellectual sleuthing, it is an explorer’s field guide to understanding the main themes, ideas, symbols, and historical issues that author Dan Brown will likely utilize in The Solomon Key—many months before this much-awaited sequel to The Da Vinci Code is even published . . . . . (read more)

Secrets of the Lost Symbol

There is no better way to understand Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol than to read the compelling Secrets of the Lost Symbol, which provides plenty of food for thought for his fans as well as his critics . . . . .(read more)

Secrets of Inferno

In this new book in the Secrets Series, Dan Burstein and Arne de Keijzer lead fans of Dan Brown's Inferno on a sweeping tour, guided by renowned experts, through the many provocative ideas raised in his latest blockbuster . . . . .(read more)

Secrets of 24

Secrets of 24 offers an exciting, engaging, and highly informative read for all those who are fascinated with the must-see TV series and recognize its impact on our national psyche. It is the essential companion to understanding the issues '24' raises, the action that propels it, and the many ethical and moral issues that are on the line in this time of terrorism . . . . . (read more)

The Tattooed Girl

The Washington Post critic Patrick Anderson has it right: "The political honesty, the rage at sexism, the suspense, the overpowering narrative, the focus on modern sexual mores, the sexual tension between Mikael and Lisbeth has made the Millennium trilogy not only a runaway commercial success but perhaps the best, most broadly focused examination of modern politics in popular fiction." Which is, of course, why there is another Secrets book. . . . . .(read more)