The Secrets Series

Secrets of Mary Magdalene
The Unforgettable Story of History's Most Misunderstood Woman
Dan Burstein and Arne de Keijzer



by Elaine Pagels

1. Mary Magdalene: Outcast No More

Our Fascination with Mary Magdalene by Dan Burstein

Who Was Mary Magdalene? by James Carroll

The Saintly Sinner: The 2000 Year Obsession with Mary Magdalene by Joan Acocella

Changing Our Perceptions of Mary Magdalene An interview with Bruce Chilton Sidebar: The Four Marys of the New Testament

The Long Miscast Outcast by Richard Covington

2. Embracing the Traditions of Women and the Sacred

When God was a Woman: Tales of the Daughters of Eve by Merlin Stone

Sex in the Temple: The Tradition of the Sacred Prostitute An interview with Nancy Qualls-Corbett

Mary Magdalene And the Sacred Union An interview with Margaret Starbird Sidebar: The Goddess Image in Art, by Diane Apostolos-Cappadona

The Women Around Jesus An interview with Mary Rose D'Angelo

3. On Becoming the Apostle of the Apostles

Biographical Glimpses of Mary of Magdala by Bruce Chilton

The Gospel of Mary by Karen King

The Alternate Gospel Tradition An interview with Marvin Meyer

The Greatest Exaggerations Ever Told: A Critique of the Politically Correct Interpretations of the Gnostic Gospels An interview with Philip Jenkins

Mary Magdalene: An Heretical Portrait by John Lash

4. Mary Magdalene: Marginalized, Harlotized, and "Put in her Place"

Role Reversals: The Struggle to Reinstate Mary An interview with Ann Graham Brock

The Battle for Scriptures and the Faiths We Didn't Get a Chance to Know An interview with Bart Ehrman

From Pious Prostitute to Apostle of the Apostles: The Re-emergence of Mary Magdalene In Medieval Times by Katherine Ludwig Jansen

The Mary Magdalene Controversies by Arne J. de Keijzer

Was She the "Sinful Woman?"

Was She Married to Jesus? Sidebar: Mormonism and Mary Magdalene, by Maxine Hanks

Was She the "Beloved Disciple?"

5. The Secrets of Mary Magdalene Roundtable

The Mary Magdalene Roundtable with Diane Apostolos-Cappadona, Lesa Bellevie, Deirdre Good, Susan Haskins Katherine Kurs, Elaine Pagels, Jane Schaberg

6. The Magdalene Mosaic: Saint, Sinner, and Everything In Between

Revisiting The Scarlet Lily: Mary Magdalene in Western Art and Culture by Diane Apostolos-Cappadona

Interpreting the Exile Carpet: An Artwork Speaks Through Eighteen Centuries of Time by Jeremy Pine

Mary Magdalene's Secret History Encoded in a 17th Century Epic Poem by John Saul

A Painting of Mary Magdalene, Now Attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci: A Commentary on This Book's Cover Image by Dan Burstein

7. The Cult of Mary Magdalene in Legend and Lore

Mythologizing Mary Magdalene: The Golden Legend by Jacobus de Voragine

Sacred Theft: The Restless Bones of Mary Magdalene by Katherine Ludwig Jansen

On the Mary Magdalene Trail in Southern France by Elizabeth Bard Sidebar: My Pilgrimage to St. Baume by Jane Schaberg

8. Her Story Updated: Mary Magdalene in Contemporary Culture

The Saint as Vamp: Mary Magdalene on the Silver Screen by Diane Apostolos-Cappadona

The Saint as Pop Star: The Mary Magdalene Effect in Popular Culture by Lesa Bellevie

Piece by Piece: How Mary Magdalene, the Patriarchy, and Sinsuality Have Influenced My Life and Career by Tori Amos

The Willing Secret by Ki Longfellow

Mary Magdalene: Superstar by Kathleen McGowan

9. Mary Magdalene Revealed for the 21st Century

Mary Magdalene's Spiritual Quest by Deirdre Good

Separate, Not Equal at All: The Church and Its Goddess Problem by Anna Quindlen

Following Mary: Magdalene Devotees Shape Their Own Religious Reality by Jennifer Doll

She Moves in Mysterious Ways: Mary Magdalene Enters the Age of the Web a survey by Lesa Bellevie

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