About Us

Squibnocket Partners, originators and publisher of the Secrets Series, is the outgrowth of decades of writing, editing, business, and publishing experience. Founded in 2003, it was born out of a desire to develop and publish a wide range of diverse content on subjects interesting and important to us in an intriguing, accessible, innovative, and time efficient way.

Our first worldwide bestseller, Secrets of the Code, was sparked by Dan Burstein's idea to create a special reader's guide to The Da Vinci Code. We developed the proposal and found enthusiastic backing from CDS Books, which enabled us to go from contract to bookstores in 90 days. Soon we found Secrets of the Code on the New York Times bestseller list, appearing in 23 foreign editions, and on seven international bestseller lists.

We also immediately plunged into our second "Secrets" book, Secrets of Angels & Demons, based on Dan Brown's earlier mega-seller. This book, too, reached the bestseller lists and numerous international markets. Subsequently, Squibnocket has created six additional titles in the "Secrets" series: Secrets of the Widow's Son, Secrets of Mary Magdalene, Secrets of 24, Secrets of the Los Symbol, Secrets of Inferno, and The Tattooed Girl.

Since our founding, there are over three million copies of these titles in print worldwide in twenty-six languages. Our content has been the basis for three stand-alone special Collector's Editions of US News & World Report, two direct-to-home DVD's, and the feature documentary, Secrets of the Code.

We will continue to develop books that get the most interesting, thought-provoking, and relevant experts to analyze and comment on important phenomena in the popular culture that large numbers of people want to discuss, engage with, and learn more about.

The Partners

Dan Burstein is a prominent venture capitalist as well as an award-winning journalist and author of numerous books.

Burstein has been an investor in innovative companies since his first experiences in Silicon Valley in the 1980s. He is a Managing Partner of Millennium Technology Value Partners, a New York-based family of venture capital and private equity funds that is known for its leadership in providing alternative liquidity to leading technology companies, some of which include Facebook, Tellme Networks, Zappos, ArcSight, Airvana, Wayport, eHarmony, Green Dot, NetSpend, RigNet, and Epocrates, among many others. Prior to Millennium, Burstein served as Senior Advisor for more than a decade at The Blackstone Group.

Dan Burstein has also written widely on global economics, politics, technology, and culture. His first bestseller (Yen! ) focused on the rise of Japanese financial power in the late 1980s, was a bestseller in more than twenty countries, and achieved recognition as the #1 business book in Japan in 1989. His 1995 book, Road Warriors, was one of the first to analyze the impact of the internet and digital technology on business and society and, in 2005, Blog! was the first in-depth analysis of the emergence of the blogosphere and the new social media in the first decade of the 21st century. Big Dragon, written with Arne de Keijzer in 1998, outlined a long-term view of China's role in the 21st century that has proven generally accurate in its forecasts for China's growth and development.

Burstein's leading-edge journalism in the 1980s and 90s was recognized with Sigma Delta Chi and Overseas Press Club awards. Burstein has appeared on talk shows that span the gamut from Oprah! to Charlie Rose, with dozens of appearances on CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC. Burstein's Millennium venture capital firm has nothing to do with the fictional Millennium magazine described in Stieg Larsson's novels. The similarity of the names is purely coincidental.

Arne de Keijzer is co-creator, with Dan Burstein, of the Secrets Series. Over his writing career, de Keijzer has contributed to a wide variety of publications and authored books on topics ranging from international business to new technologies. For over two decades he was directly involved with the development of cultural, educational, and business exchanges with China, which led him to form his own business consultancy in the China trade. During that period de Keijzer also wrote the best-selling China Guidebook and two editions of China: Business Strategies for the '90s . He turned to writing full time in the mid-1990s and, together with Dan Burstein, wrote Big Dragon, an innovative look at China's economic and political future and its impact on the world. The team subsequently formed Squibnocket Partners LLC, a creative content development company whose first book was The Best Things Ever Said About the Rise, Fall, and Future of the Internet Economy (2001).