The Secrets Series

Inside Angels & Demons
The Unauthorized Guide to the International Bestseller
Dan Burstein and Arne de Keijzer


Introduction: Angels & Demons: Rough Draft for The Da Vinci Code, Road Map for Dan Brown's Next Book
by Dan Burstein

CHAPTER 1: The Vatican: An Insider's View

Conclave 101: The Past, Present, and Future of the Papal Elections by Greg Tobin

Angels, Demons, and the Next Pope by Amy D. Bernstein

Handicapping the First Papal Election of the 21st Century: Who are the Papabili? by Greg Tobin

Papal Chase: Will the Next Pope Be Black, Hispanic, American, or a Jew? by Steven Waldman

Pontiffs Past, Present, and Future - An Interview with Richard P. McBrien

Who Is Buried in St. Peter's Tomb?

Beyond the Grave by Tom Mueller

"Upon This Rock" by Deirdre Good

The Vatican in the Era of Galileo and Bernini - An Interview with John W. O'Malley, SJ

The Church Since Galileo: Problems Then Are Still Problems Now - An Interview with John Dominic Crossan

CHAPTER 2: Galileo: The Pious Heretic

Galileo Opened the Skies to the Mind of Man by John Castro

On the Copernican Trail - An Interview with Owen Gingerich

Galileo: Right Message at the Wrong Time - An Interview with Steven J. Harris

The Myth of Galileo - An Interview with Wade Rowland

Blind Ambition and Sincere Piety - An Interview with Marcelo Gleiser

Avenging Galileo by Stephan Herrera

CHAPTER 3: Of Conspiracies and Conspirators: The Illuminati Illuminated

On the Trail of the Illuminati: A Journalist's Search for the "Conspiracy That Rules the World" by George Johnson

The Fact-Fiction Reversal: The Illuminati, the New World Order, and Other Conspiracies - An Interview with Michael Barkun

An Occultist's Guide to the Assassins and the Illuminati - An Interview with James Wasserman

Secrets of the Tomb: Inside America's Most Powerful?and Politically Connected?Secret Society - An Interview with Alexandra Robbins

"I Didn't Go Looking for the Illuminati; They Came Looking for Me" - An Interview with Robert Anton Wilson

CHAPTER 4: Two Windows on the Same Universe? The Science vs. Religion Discussion

Leonardo Vetra's Bookshelf by Arne de Keijzer

Worshipping in the Church of Einstein, or How I Found Fischbeck's Rule by George Johnson

Is There a Need for a Divine Designer? by Paul Davies

Holy Wars by Neil deGrasse Tyson

Religion?the Mental Equivalent of a Computer Virus - An Interview with Richard Dawkins

The God Gene - An Interview with Dean Hamer

Cognitive Science Takes On Religion: A New Approach to an Age-Old Question by Hannah de Keijzer

Adam vs. Atom by Josh Wolfe

CHAPTER 5: Robert Langdon's Rome: Art and Architecture

A Bernini Expert Reflects on Dan Brown's Use of the Baroque Master by Tod Marder

Bernini and His Angels -An Interview with Mark S. Weil

The Magical and Mythical in Bernini's Sculpture ? -An Interview with George Lechner

The Secrets of the Vatican Library It Isn't So Secret After All by Michael Herrera

A Scholar Visits the Vatican Library by Tod Marder

Bernini's Symbology and Angels & Demons by Diane Apostolos-Cappadona

Rome: City of Angels and Demonic Imaginings by David Downie

"Let Angels Guide You on Your Lofty Quest" by Susan Sanders

CHAPTER 6: The Science and Technology of Angels & Demons

Death Comes to the Cardinals: A Forensics Expert on Murder, Mayhem, and Survival -An Interview with Cyril H. Wecht

Eyeball to Eyeball: The Use of Biometrics in Angels & Demons by James Carlisle and Jennifer Carlisle

The Technology Toys of Angels & Demons by David A. Shugarts

Science as an Evolving Narrative: From Galileo to the Big Bang -An Interview with Marcelo Gleiser

A Day Without Yesterday: Georges Lema?tre and the Big Bang by Mark Midbon

Antimatter Matters by Stephan Herrera

Untangling Dan Brown's Entanglement Theory -An Interview with Amir D. Aczel

CHAPTER 7: Angels & Demons, Dan Brown, and the Art of Fictionalizing "Fact"

The Plot Holes and Intriguing Details of Angels & Demons by David A. Shugarts

What's in a Name? by David A. Shugarts

The Secrets of ambigram@123s by David A. Shugarts and Scott Kim

Adverbs & Demons: Just How Good Is the Former English Teacher's English? by Geoffrey K. Pullum

Novelistic Metaphysics by Glenn W. Erickson

Vox Populi: Commentary on Angels & Demons from by Leigh-Ann Gerow

Angels & Demons and the Emerging Literary Genre of Art Fiction by Diane Apostolos-Cappadona