The Secrets Series

Praise for Books in the Secrets Series

Secrets of Angels & Demons . . . contains eye-opening, thought-provoking essays from  noted scholars, thinkers, and experts in fields that range from quantum physics to the papal succession process, from modern conspiracy theory to the worlds of Bernini and Galileo.”
—U.S. News & World Report

Regardless of whether you've read Brown's novel, Secrets of Angels & Demons is a fascinating browse.
Lexington Herald-Leader

“It’s all there. … David A. Shugarts has given all fans of Dan Brown a very useful book – it not only highlights the codes … but has provided us with the background behind them. … For any fan of Dan Brown—and they now number in the millions—Secrets of the Widow’s Son is not to be missed.”
—Allan Paul Curtis,

Masonry and mysticism, codes and the nation's capital:  In Secrets of the Widow’s Son David Shugarts plunges into a strange brew of myths, symbols, and stories that have inspired countless conspiracy theories.  He serves as a smart, sensible, and good-natured guide to matters that have caused many to lose their heads. For readers fascinated by Dan Brown's works (and curious about the successor to The Da Vinci Code), this book will increase their pleasure —and add to their understanding of the facts behind the fiction.
—Steven C. Bullock, Historian

Secrets of the Widow’s Son “explores the history and symbols of the Freemasons with many little-known facts and stories of their early beginnings. If you are a fan of Dan Brown's books, you will appreciate the incredible amount of research that has gone into his writings.
—Barbara Fielding,

Secrets of the Widow's Son is unique because it comes not in response to a Brown novel, but as herald to one, the much-anticipated Da Vinci Code sequel, initially hinted at in - imagine - a code hidden on the Da Vinci Code dust jacket. … Written by David A. Shugarts, [the book] is meant mainly as a "Solomon Key" primer, but serves equally well as an intriguing exploration of Masonic tradition —especially in relation to early American history.
—Mark Harrison, The Times-Journal

“If you’re truly Brown obsessed, or if you’re just dying to read about the conjunction of Freemasonry, the Founding Fathers, and the nation’s capital, Secrets of the Widow’s Son . . .is there for you.”
—The Washington Post

“A really terrific collection of essays by scholars and alternative thinkers.”