The Secrets Series

Secrets of The Widow's Son
The Mysteries Surrounding the Sequel to "The Da Vinci Code"
David A. Shugarts


by Dan Burstein

Prologue: The Riddle of the Cover
The Da Vinci Code as an adult treasure hunt, and the bounty it yields

Chapter One: The Search Begins

Bogus history, mysterious plots, secret societies

Chapter Two: Hunting for the Fundamental Themes

The meaning of “The Widow’s Son”. The Meaning of “The Solomon Key”. The long ties to Freemasonry.

Chapter Three: Building the Virtual Temple—the Possible Philosophical, Spiritual, and Ideological Themes

The philosophical tapestry upon which Dan Brown’s book will be weaved. Who are the Masons, and why does George

Washington show up so often in his Masonic apron?

Chapter Four: Building the Physical Temple—Washington the City

The city of Masonic clues and hidden mysteries

Chapter Five: The Journey Ends—For Now

Appendix A: Symbolic Systems

Appendix B: The Sinclair Family

Appendix C: Death and Resurrection

Appendix D: A Suggested Reading List