The Secrets Series

Secrets of The Widow's Son
The Mysteries Surrounding the Sequel to "The Da Vinci Code"
David A. Shugarts


David A. Shugarts is an award-winning journalist, investigative reporter, and editor with thirty years’ experience on newspapers and magazines. He is also an essential part of the “Secrets” team, as a Contributing Editor to Secrets of the Code (for which he wrote the highly praised “Plot Flaws” analysis of The Da Vinci Code), and Senior Contributing Editor to Secrets of Angels & Demons (where he again wrote on the plot flaws and intriguing details of Secrets of Angels & Demons as well as an essay on the books’ use of technology).

For the new, updated paperback of Secrets of the Code, he wrote a ground-breaking mini-biography of the man who has revealed little about himself to the public: Dan Brown.